Help me to release my new EP

Currently, I’m in the composing process of my next EP for which I seek your help. Indeed, I would have the opportunity to make a release in vinyls and cd’s with a studio sound quality. I consider this future EP as an important step in my musical project because I particularly want to take time to produce, make it deeper and more intense in emotions and in the same time, keeping the dreamy world that do what I am.

This is the reason why i’ve started a crowdfunding campaign and feel free to support me in this amazing adventure !

« Us »

EP « Nowadays »

« Nowadays » is the title of the new release by Haring, the second one out for Venja Venja Records. Almost one year ago, his last EP « Dust Above Mountains » was released and many things changed. Haring has worked on remixes for friends, met new people, traveled and discovered new kinds of music.

These six tracks represent this evolution and each one contains its own feelings and emotions. « Nowadays » is a journey which begins early in the morning and finishes late in the night.

You can now purchase and listen my new EP « Nowadays » on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Deezer and many more.

« With more confidence and production skill, Haring is able to show much more of himself through his tracks as the melodies weave together to tell a story. This EP is the most complete project he’s finished to date. » – Indie Shuffle

« Nowadays Remixed »

All the « Nowadays » EP remixed by ULYSSE, Eartquake Island, LIES & DNMA, Yakamoto Kotzuga, Le Motel and Sparkling Bits

Free download on Bandcamp



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